Delve into powerful information and techniques to override your nervous system, shed inherited trauma, and embrace a more authentic and fulfilling journey.

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You Will Discover: 

The trance that prevents you from being your authentic self

Hidden masks that hide your light

Relief from negative emotions

The shame virus and its most powerful antidote

Why and how you give your power away 

A life changing technique for being present in your life


Empowering processes to shed inherited trauma


Special Guest MICHELLE COLT 

on This Is It TV LA...

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A personal letter from Michelle...

I know how painful and self-defeating it feels to hide your light, or to feel as if there is something holding you back from living a fulfilling and authentic life.


I also know how crippling fear and anxiety feels when you don’t have the right knowledge and tools to step out and be seen for who you ARE, as you ARE. As you know instinctively, it’s only when you step into who you truly are that your power and unique beauty shines the brightest.


Believe me I’m no different than you. In my personal quest I’ve overcome tremendous obstacles, including severe anxiety, self-doubt and intense recurring negative mind loops.


During this life changing process I came to realize that there are key factors, mostly unspoken and unseen, that have to be uncovered and let go of. I also came to see that you can only help another to the extent that you’ve been able to help yourself.


Ultimately I overcame my tremendous fear and shed the weight of inherited traumas to let my light shine and be seen. And now I’m helping empower people, just like yourself, to do the same. I look forward to sharing these missing links I've discovered with you. Courage brought you here, and I know you'll use that  courage to shed anything that has been holding you back.


Michelle Colt

"The work I’ve done with Michelle has completely shifted not only my awareness of how I can get in my own way, but my awareness and my skill set for how I can get OUT of my own way as well. Michelle’s approach is a sturdy compassion that I trust implicitly; to let down my walls without fear of either of us getting lost or overwhelmed.


You never know how invaluable a guide with profound wisdom and the ability to witness can be until you’re sitting in front of her tapping into the boundless reaches of your soul. Funny, I’m not usually so 'poetic' in my descriptions, but Michelle is far from typical. She brings out the 'extraordinary' in others."

Elaine Hendrix, actress

The Parent Trap & "Alexis Carrington" in the CW's reboot of Dynasty


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