Michelle Colt is passionate about helping people connect to their authentic selves, get past their perceived limitations and shine in their lives and careers. Prior to her new workshop, “How To Have The Courage to Let Your Light Shine and Be Seen” she has been and continues to teach sold out workshops, INSIDE GAME, in New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco for 15 years with her husband Robert.


Thousands of people have taken their INSIDE GAME workshop and many have had major positive shifts in their professional and personal lives as a result of the Colt’s information and techniques. Michelle also works privately with people from all over the world imparting this powerful information and the techniques via Skype sessions.  


At the beginning of 2016 Michelle had a strong intuitive hit that is was important to start teaching a one day workshop for women.  Creating a workshop that would teach women why and how they give their power away, she wanted to empower women to live authentically without apologizing for their true selves and passions.


Having overcome tremendous obstacles herself, including severe anxiety, self-doubt, recurring negative mind loops and ultimately a tremendous fear to shine and let herself be seen she came to realize there are factors that are specific to women that had to be brought to light. The response to this new branch of Michelle's work has been inspiring. 

If you are interested in working privately with Michelle,

please contact her and she will be happy to discuss opportunities

"Let go and let FLOW."


—Michelle Colt