For over 16 years Michelle has been passionately teaching people how to move into more of a sense of well-being. She coaches individuals and assists them through the chaos that comes up when the nervous system doesn't feel safe.

Ironically, this chaos often comes up when the opportunity of achieving more success comes into their career and life; in other words, when human beings move out of their comfort zones


Contrary to popular belief in the wellness community, Michelle teaches that you are NOT your thoughts and emotions.


The well-meaning nervous system has our best interests at heart, but it is reacting from our programming as a child, our conditioning, and our inherited trauma, often to our detriment. Michelle's studies in epigenetics and inherited trauma will help you to move past your fate and into your destiny. It takes courage to delve into this work.


Private coaching sessions with Michelle will help you move past your fearanxiety and other forms of self-sabotage. Michelle will give you the tools and techniques to not only let your nervous system know it is safe, but to allow for a more grounded sense of well-being to comfortably be your authentic self.


Michelle coaches privately with people across the globe and offers sessions via phone, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or in-person.


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Michelle's Workshop

"How To Have The Courage to Let Your Light Shine and Be Seen"

is also available in the format of Four Private Sessions.

These Private Sessions are held for 1 hour 15 minutes each.

Please contact to learn more or discuss working privately with Michelle

and delve further into this powerful information and the techniques

via Skype, Facetime, phone or in person.

"Working with Michelle Colt has been a life changing experience for me. Her sensitivity, knowledge, wisdom and practical techniques guide me in my day to day life. To put it simply... When I'm not working with her or using her techniques my life is stagnant and I feel deeply insecure. When I am working with her and using her techniques I feel vibrant and alive and endless possibilities arise for me in my life and my career.


I have worked with Michelle for many years so I can say that right now she is at the top of her game. Her intuition regarding any issue in my life of late has been 100% correct. Her work heals, rebuilds and inspires you to live life to the fullest. Most importantly perhaps, Michelle works with an incredibly compassionate and understanding heart. Regardless of where you are at in your life I strongly recommend working with Michelle. She can and will help you deal with any issue in your life."

Ed Malone

"Before working with Michelle, people would've described me as a confident go-getter, but the truth is that I had a rush of anxiety every time I had an opportunity to shine and be seen.  I honestly had no idea how much uneasiness (and the self sabotage that often came with it) were affecting my life and career.  Working with Michelle opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. The paradigm, the approach, and the practical tools were unlike anything I'd ever experienced. But the best part was: they worked.  


Tools that seemed the simplest turned out to pack the most punch: years-long struggles dissipated overnight, and I was left with feelings of freedom and excitement for my life and work. And then, it started paying off in my life and career.  I recommend the opportunity to work with Michelle to any of my friends or colleagues who are ready to drop whatever's holding them back."

Bonnie Swencionis

"Working with Michelle is one of the best gifts I ever gave myself! Her compassionate and knowledgeable guidance has given me the confidence to reach for things I've shied away from for years.  More than teaching me how to shine, she's taught me how to not be afraid to shine, and that for me is huge. 


Since working with Michelle, I've taken bigger risks in my work, seen better pay off from auditions, garnered more recognition from my performances, grown as a teacher and director for own clients, and found a better balance in my life and in my relationships as well.  Work with Michelle Colt! You're worth it!"

Gretchen Reinhagen

For years I felt strong and dedicated and committed, but I would still find myself overwhelmed in tense or high stakes situations. When I first took the Shine workshop, I wasn’t even fully aware of the destructive patterns that I had developed as a woman over time. I had diminished my worth in so many small ways to coexist with my outdated beliefs and the beliefs of those around me that I felt at odds with my natural sense of exploration and joy. Experiencing Shine was the start of an incredible new practice of diving into my life with my strength AND my vulerablity.  Michelle teaches invaluable tools to process through old patterns and fears so that I can now live fully in the moment even when the stakes are high.

And just in case you were wondering… the women that I shared the workshop with are some of the most inspirational, talented people I have ever met! 

Don’t miss this one ladies - Michelle Colt is the JAM!!

Jill Crenshaw

"Michelle, in one word is extraordinary. During a few pivotal points in my acting and personal career, I have reached out to meet privately with Michelle. These were moments in time, when it appeared to me, as there was nowhere else to turn.  In her usual empathic (FYI - I do mean empathic, not empathetic.) and straight-forward style, she reminded me that the answers I was seeking were all inside of me, all I had to do was look and listen.  She reminded me of some the profound tools I had learned in the workshop, as well as provided a few, new tools to help facilitate my growth and discovery. 


After our sessions I worked diligently with these suggestions and came out the other side, stronger and ready to move forward to a proactive, positive way. Michelle adeptly works at the level the student is ready for and provides the necessary tools for independence and increased freedom from the chatter of the mind! I would highly recommend setting some time aside to meet with her."

Maria Fagan

"Michelle really knows how to key into your core areas and provide tools that will help you move past your blocks and open up amazing possibilities to your life."

Stuart Stone

"My work with Michelle is invaluable to me. She has the ability to communicate her experience and understanding of the tools needed to break down old habits that no longer serve and establish new more productive ones. 


Her work is practical and profound. She helps you take away disabling labels that short circuit progress and guides you to a thought process that allows for limitless possibility. Her work disarms the chaos of the mind. It centers, calms and empowers."

Joesph Franchini

"Practice makes Present."


—Michelle Colt