"Michelle Colt’s Shine Workshop is uplifting and supportive. First it’s an enjoyable day spent with other women striving to grow and find balance in the chaos of today’s pressure-cooker life. Lots of laughs and recognition of how we are different but in the same boat. The information is supportive. The techniques are simple but powerful and Michelle presents it in a clear, well organized manner.  A handout workbook has all the information to review. I’ve used the exercises to dig a little deeper regularly - which gives me more and more clarity.  A month later, I see big changes in the way I feel all the time. In my work as an actress, it has changed the way I approach auditioning and performing. I am more grounded and present. It’s all less stressful and more fun. This work is truly transformational.  The information and techniques are making it much easier for me to do my best work, stay calm, feel confident and increase my creatively and enjoy my life.  It is allowing me to shine!"

Rosemary Alexander

Rosemary Alexander

"I had just been flown over to London to be cast in a sitcom for Comedy Central and a bunch up stuff started coming up (the thoughts/nerves we don't want). I was afraid of failing, but I was going to be there for months and there was no way I could allow myself to get in the way. Via Skype, Michelle and her caring heart, put things into perspective and got me through the first season with my head on my shoulders. There's no way I would've been as calm and present as I was without working with her. 

A year later new stuff started coming up again when I was back in L.A. I met with Michelle for another series of private sessions. She shared with me a simple, daily new technique and the most interesting thing started to happen. People in the industry and my life started to see me differently. 

I'm out of my way and in the flow of things again. I highly recommend working with Michelle. She's my not-so-secret weapon."    Eric Aragon

"Before I started working one on one with Michelle my nerves were something I was always fighting against at auditions, on set, and in life. I was nervous 28 days a month! 


Now, it happens on rare occasions, and I have the tools to manage it immediately. Furthermore I have been booking consistently since working with Michelle. I can't say enough for her as a performance coach, teacher, and artist."    Beau Berglund

"Michelle’s SHINE workshop is special. I’m so grateful to have witnessed how Michelle worked with a group of women, including myself, who are all on the journey of moving toward a happier and more fulfilling life. During the workshop, and under Michelle’s guidance, misunderstandings about ourselves were shed as new information and tools were learned.


This resulted in all of us gaining excitement and awareness of who we are in place of fear and self judgement. At one point during the workshop I was blocked and Michelle gently guided me through it.  Unblocked, I was then able to have a deep experience with a Shine process that included two other women in attendance. I would have missed this life changing opportunity had Michelle not been there with her presence and intuition."

Walker Brandt

"Michelle, in one word is extraordinary. During a few pivotal points in my acting and personal career, I have reached out to meet privately with Michelle. These were moments in time, when it appeared to me, as there was nowhere else to turn.  In her usual empathic (FYI - I do mean empathic, not empathetic.) and straight-forward style,

she reminded me that the answers I was seeking were all inside of me, all I had to do was look and listen.  She reminded me of some the profound tools I had learned in the workshop, as well as provided a few, new tools to help facilitate my growth and discovery. After our sessions I worked diligently with these suggestions and came out the other side, stronger and ready to move forward to a proactive, positive way. 


Michelle adeptly works at the level the student is ready for and provides the necessary tools for independence and increased freedom from the chatter of the mind! I would highly recommend setting some time aside to meet with her."

Maria Fagan

"Michelle is an extraordinary, empowering coach.  Michelle’s SHINE work teaches you to get out of the way of your limiting mind and fearful thought patterns that continually try to sabotage your success as a human being.
I used to sweat so profusely during an audition that I would need to change my shirt immediately afterwards!


Her techniques have been a wonderful tool for calming my fight or flight mechanism.  Now I am much more present in the room which allows me to be more spontaneous and instinctual as an actor.  Her gifts are tremendous life tools not only for actors, but life skills that everyone can benefit from.  When practiced daily life is at peace, grounded and present (and no more stinky shirts!)"

Heidi Fecht

Heidi Fecht

For years I felt strong and dedicated and committed, but I would still find myself overwhelmed in tense or high stakes situations. When I first took the Shine workshop, I wasn’t even fully aware of the destructive patterns that I had developed as a woman over time. I had diminished my worth in so many small ways to coexist with my outdated beliefs and the beliefs of those around me that I felt at odds with my natural sense of exploration and joy. Experiencing Shine was the start of an incredible new practice of diving into my life with my strength AND my vulerablity.  Michelle teaches invaluable tools to process through old patterns and fears so that I can now live fully in the moment even when the stakes are high.

And just in case you were wondering… the women that I shared the workshop with are some of the most inspirational, talented people I have ever met! Don’t miss this one ladies - Michelle Colt is the JAM!!

Jill Crenshaw

"My work with Michelle is invaluable to me. She has the ability to communicate her experience and understanding of the tools needed to break down old habits that no longer serve and establish new more productive ones. Her work is practical and profound.


She helps you take away disabling labels that short circuit progress and guides you to a thought process that allows for limitless possibility. Her work disarms the chaos of the mind. It centers, calms and empowers."

Joesph Franchini

"Michelle has a wonderful ability to create a safe and empowering environment for women. She meets you wherever you are and you discover ways to deepen your connection to your soul and soothe your spirit so you have the courage to shine.


She teaches why and how women give their power away and also imparts powerful techniques which make it much easier to be your authentic self in professional situations and in your personal life."

Missy Hairston

"The work I’ve done with Michelle has completely shifted not only my awareness of how I can get in my own way, but my awareness and my skill set for how I can get OUT of my own way as well.


Michelle’s approach is a sturdy compassion that I trust implicitly; to let down my walls without fear of either of us getting lost or overwhelmed. You never know how invaluable a guide with profound wisdom and the ability to witness can be until you’re sitting in front of her tapping into the boundless reaches of your soul. Funny, I’m not usually so 'poetic' in my descriptions, but Michelle is far from typical. She brings out the 'extraordinary' in others."

Elaine Hendrix

"I have always wanted to be the woman who walks into a room comfortable in her own skin, relaxed, and present. In my determination to be, I could see the places in my life where I hold myself back. As I began addressing this, it became clear how much my old conditioning plays a part in not speaking up.


My desire to work through this is what led me to Michelle’s Shine. In the workshop, I discovered even more ways in which I play small and get in my own way. The simple and practical techniques Michelle teaches, have helped me so much in pushing through the self sabotage, fear, shame, and shyness I struggle with. It immediately takes me into a place of deep ease and is exactly the help I was looking for. I am eager to share this work with all the women in my life so they, too, can feel at home in shining."

Maria Elena Laas
Cruz in the New Starz Show "VIDA"

"Confidence never used to be an issue for me, but in the past couple years anytime an opportunity where I could potentially shine and be seen would present itself, fear, nerves and doubt would arise.


Michelle’s one-day workshop has given me the tools to help embrace my vulnerability as a woman rather than fear or shy away from it! As a result, I have a much easier time embracing opportunities, both professional and personal, that allow me to shine and be seen! Michelle has an amazing way of speaking to women so that you feel safe and supported in your truth. She will help you recognize the blocks you deal with as a woman and most importantly Michelle will teach you simple tools you can use everyday to SHINE and BE SEEN!"   

Kat Levy

"Working with Michelle is a godsend!    Naturally, I aspire to live with a pure heart, genuine confidence in all that I do and a deep sense of peace, but my mind gets in the way of this plan more frequently than not.  Michelle's SHINE workshop has provided me with the awareness and practical techniques to live as I wish and easily access my best self at all times.  Her teaching is direct and profound.  I'm delighted to now find my most authentic Self emerging in social situations, life is feeling more incredible in general, I see petty concerns as just that, and I have that deep sense I peace I so desired.   I am indeed shining and loving it!  I highly, highly recommend SHINE with Michelle Colt!"

Ruth Lembo

Ruth Lembo

"I’ve worked with Michelle for over ten years, and her SHINE workshop took me to a whole new level of awareness and happiness. I love basking in Michelle’s warmth, light and humor. Her practical techniques are simple yet profound. I apply the techniques frequently in my daily life, and the result is a happier, more creative and successful ME living my life to the fullest, free of fear and enjoying all the Universe brings to me.


I credit Michelle for helping me unblock as an actor;  I am now my authentic self when I walk into auditions and meetings because these high-stake situations are no longer unsettling. The abundance coming my way is just icing on the cake! Thank you Michelle for showing me the path to be in the FLOW, where we all draw our unlimited power to create. Shine your light always!"

Rachel Lu

"Working with Michelle Colt has been a life changing experience for me. Her sensitivity, knowledge, wisdom and practical techniques guide me in my day to day life. To put it simply... When I'm not working with her or using her techniques my life is stagnant and I feel deeply insecure. When I am working with her and using her techniques I feel vibrant and alive and endless possibilities arise for me in my life and my career. I have worked with Michelle for many years so I can say that right now she is at the top of her game.


Her intuition regarding any issue in my life of late has been 100% correct. Her work heals, rebuilds and inspires you to live life to the fullest. Most importantly perhaps, Michelle works with an incredibly compassionate and understanding heart. Regardless of where you are at in your life I strongly recommend working with Michelle. She can and will help you deal with any issue in your life."

Ed Malone

"In Michelle Colt’s “How to Have the Courage to Let Your Light Shine and Be Seen” workshop I learned how the mind and nervous system operate. Michelle has given me tools that have changed my life. Through societal, familial, cultural and educational belief systems I was taught not let myself shine. I was instructed to tone it down, shrink myself and dim my light, because whomever I was outshining might be hurt or jealous. I, unfortunately implemented these concepts into my entire life and into all my relationships. If people said I was beautiful I’d challenge their compliment. If anyone thought I was funny, I’d become critical of myself. If others thought I was smart, I doubted my intellect and if someone said I was kind and generous, I’d state that anyone in this situation would do the same thing. I learned to shrink and compromise myself and to fade into the background as to not make others uncomfortable. Who knew? I practice the tools Michelle has taught me to bring me into the present moment and it’s only in the present moment where all things are possible. With practice, I am able to let go of old thought patterns and behavior. It’s all about being our authentic selves.  Michelle teaches easy ways to access our authentic selves. Thankfully, once I understood that, there was no turning back."

Benita Marti

"Michelle's latest workshop designed specifically for women is absolutely the next step that I've needed to continue my growth not only as an business woman and an artist but as a woman navigating this world. The sense of community and strength that she creates within a group of women is unparalleled to anything I have ever experienced.  


She has taught me invaluable tools that not only help me stay present but allow me to feel and experience uncomfortable emotions/sensations without being held captive by them. I can't wait for How To Have The Courage To Let Your Light Shine And Be Seen: Part II!!”

Merissa Morin

Chiara Maya

"I've worked one-on-one with Michelle for over 3 years and in that time I've experienced some of the most impactful and progressive shifts of my entire life. That's not something I say for dramatic effect, instead I'm so grateful it's the truth. I've purposely sought out all kinds of different forms of coaching, healing, seminars, and training, spent thousands of dollars, and can say inequitably a session with Michelle is unique. Simply put, the healing and unblocking that her particular skill set reveals through her coaching and workshops can not be found anywhere else, with any other type of practitioner. Working with Michelle quickly uncovers deep rooted unconscious patterns and we work through them with tools and processes that deliver a tangible result, all while being held in a gentle and unbelievably compassionate container that Michelle creates.

Her intuitive and practical knowledge is one of kind.  She has helped me feel a profound sense of safety to be vulnerable enough to return to my power, which has led to an enhanced feeling of well-being and self-trust. I truly believe that would not have been possible without Michelle."

Chiara Maya

"My sessions with Michelle are insightful, powerful, and game-changing. The tools she has taught me help me to stay present and connected in the midst of the craziness and ebbs and flows of life. I have experienced so much growth and expansion both in my acting and in my intuitive business since my last session, and the tools have helped me navigate and receive all of this with greater ease than ever before. Working with Michelle also boosts my confidence and soothes my heart. She provides a combination of practical and emotional support that is unique and effective. I highly recommend her. "

Ann Moller

Ann Moller

"Working with Michelle is one of the best gifts I ever gave myself! Her compassionate and knowledgeable guidance has given me the confidence to reach for things I've shied away from for years.  More than teaching me how to shine, she's taught me how to not be afraid to shine, and that for me is huge. 


Since working with Michelle, I've taken bigger risks in my work, seen better pay off from auditions, garnered more recognition from my performances, grown as a teacher and director for own clients, and found a better balance in my life and in my relationships as well.  Work with Michelle Colt! You're worth it!"

Gretchen Reinhagen

"I was ecstatic when I found out Michelle was starting this workshop on having the courage to let your light shine for women. Being a room full of women can be intimidating at first but Michelle brings in women who are open with integrity, like herself. I felt at home quickly as Michelle opened the room for discussion and with a clear intention to walk out of there with tools in hand. Michelle's guidance in the room was a light in itself. She allowed us time to share and learn from and with each other while moving the workshop along so we did not get stuck but instead were able to grow!!


The energy was palpable. The stories memorable. And the take home learnings and growth were not just words but doable and tangible!! It was inspiring and encouraging, something we all need in order to let our lights shine. I would suggest this workshop to any woman, a chance not to compete with each other but BE with each other!! Thank you Michelle. The gratitude I feel is overwhelming and life changing."

Aimee Stolte

"Michelle really knows how to key into your core areas and provide tools that will help you move past your blocks and open up amazing possibilities to your life."

Stuart Stone

“Michelle's one-day workshop for women packs a powerful punch, and feels equivalent to weeks/months of private coaching! Michelle helps create a real paradigm shift and brings to light many things that get in the way that we don’t even realize, and then teaches wonderful tools to help move past these seemingly invisible but often unknowingly debilitating blocks.


Seriously, take this workshop it's really worth it… And thank you, Michelle Colt for your unending care and devotion to empowering others and helping to transform their lives!"

Karen Strassman

"Before working with Michelle, people would've described me as a confident go-getter, but the truth is that I had a rush of anxiety every time I had an opportunity to shine and be seen.  I honestly had no idea how much uneasiness (and the self sabotage that often came with it) were affecting my life and career.

Working with Michelle opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. The paradigm, the approach, and the practical tools were unlike anything I'd ever experienced. But the best part was: they worked.

Tools that seemed the simplest turned out to pack the most punch: years-long struggles dissipated overnight, and I was left with feelings of freedom and excitement for my life and work. And then, it started paying off in my life and career.  I recommend the opportunity to work with Michelle to any of my friends or colleagues who are ready to drop whatever's holding them back."

Bonnie Swencionis

"I own a beautiful tool box, courtesy of Michelle. That metaphorical box is packed with clear, simple tools/techniques that I use every day, with ease (and sometimes with great of joy). As an actor, the techniques have been a huge boon to me in dealing with the inevitable nerves that pop up before walking into an audition. In one instance, when I had missed a phone call from my agent and ended up scrambling to get to the rescheduled audition, my tool box of techniques saved the day.


As I waited outside the audition room, my nerves were rattling, my brain was whirling out of control and my heart was pounding. I was basically a mess. So I took a step back step back, took a deep breath, and used one of my tools to ground me. In about 30 seconds, I was focused and ready to be the best I could be. Of course I was still excited, but I was ready – for anything. I BOOKED THE JOB! 

It was a national commercial - yahoo!"

Virginia Thomas

"The life of an artist is intense. You're constantly trying to navigate to reach the deeper levels inside but still live in a world where there is chaos and problems and...the news! With Michelle’s coaching it's possible to LIVE in the calm quiet waters of a peaceful mind so creating becomes effortless and the static of the world is an intriguing backdrop. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Michelle and what she encouraged my soul to remember.”

Deborah Twiss