• Why and How Women Give Their Power Away

  • A Trance That Prevents Women From Being Their Authentic Selves 

  • The Hidden Masks That Hide Your Light

  • Relief from negative emotions

  • The Shame Virus and Its Most Powerful Antidote

  • A Life Changing Technique for Being Present in Your Life


  • Empowering Processes To Shine and Be Seen

"Before working with Michelle, people would've described me as a confident go-getter, but the truth is that I had a rush of anxiety every time I had an opportunity to shine and be seen.  I honestly had no idea how much uneasiness (and the self sabotage that often came with it) were affecting my life and career.  Working with Michelle opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. The paradigm, the approach, and the practical tools were unlike anything I'd ever experienced. But the best part was: they worked.

Tools that seemed the simplest turned out to pack the most punch: years-long struggles dissipated overnight, and I was left with feelings of freedom and excitement for my life and work.  And then, it started paying off in my life and career.  I recommend the opportunity to work with Michelle to any of my friends or colleagues who are ready to drop whatever's holding them back."

Bonnie Swencionis

"I own a beautiful tool box, courtesy of Michelle. That metaphorical box is packed with clear, simple tools/techniques that I use every day, with ease (and sometimes with great of joy).  As an actor, the techniques have been a huge boon to me in dealing with the inevitable nerves that pop up before walking into an audition. In one instance, when I had missed a phone call from my agent and ended up scrambling to get to the rescheduled audition, my tool box of techniques saved the day. As I waited outside the audition room, my nerves were rattling, my brain was whirling out of control and my heart was pounding. I was basically a mess. So I took a step back step back, took a deep breath, and used one of my tools to ground me. In about 30 seconds, I was focused and ready to be the best I could be. Of course I was still excited, but I was ready – for anything. I BOOKED THE JOB! 

It was a national commercial - yahoo!"

Virginia Thomas

"The work I’ve done with Michelle has completely shifted not only my awareness of how I can get in my own way, but my awareness and my skill set for how I can get OUT of my own way as well. Michelle’s approach is a sturdy compassion that I trust implicitly; to let down my walls without fear of either of us getting lost or overwhelmed.


You never know how invaluable a guide with profound wisdom and the ability to witness can be until you’re sitting in front of her tapping into the boundless reaches of your soul. Funny, I’m not usually so “poetic” in my descriptions, but Michelle is far from typical. She brings out the “extraordinary” in others."

Elaine Hendrix

"Michelle has a wonderful ability to create a safe and empowering environment for women. She meets you wherever you are and you discover ways to deepen your connection to your soul and soothe your spirit so you have the courage to shine.


She teaches why and how women give their power away and also imparts powerful techniques which make it much easier to be your authentic self in professional situations and in your personal life."

Missy Hairston

"Michelle’s SHINE workshop is special. I’m so grateful to have witnessed how Michelle worked with a group of women, including myself, who are all on the journey of moving toward a happier and more fulfilling life. During the workshop, and under Michelle’s guidance, misunderstandings about ourselves were shed as new information and tools were learned.


This resulted in all of us gaining excitement and awareness of who we are in place of fear and self judgement. At one point during the workshop I was blocked and Michelle gently guided me through it.  Unblocked, I was then able to have a deep experience with a Shine process that included two other women in attendance. I would have missed this life changing opportunity had Michelle not been there with her presence and intuition."

Walker Brandt

For years I felt strong and dedicated and committed, but I would still find myself overwhelmed in tense or high stakes situations. When I first took the Shine workshop, I wasn’t even fully aware of the destructive patterns that I had developed as a woman over time. I had diminished my worth in so many small ways to coexist with my outdated beliefs and the beliefs of those around me that I felt at odds with my natural sense of exploration and joy. Experiencing Shine was the start of an incredible new practice of diving into my life with my strength AND my vulerablity.  Michelle teaches invaluable tools to process through old patterns and fears so that I can now live fully in the moment even when the stakes are high.

And just in case you were wondering… the women that I shared the workshop with are some of the most inspirational, talented people I have ever met! 

Don’t miss this one ladies - Michelle Colt is the JAM!!

Jill Crenshaw

"I’ve worked with Michelle for over ten years, and her SHINE workshop took me to a whole new level of awareness and happiness. I love basking in Michelle’s warmth, light and humor. Her practical techniques are simple yet profound. I apply the techniques frequently in my daily life, and the result is a happier, more creative and successful ME living my life to the fullest, free of fear and enjoying all the Universe brings to me.


I credit Michelle for helping me unblock as an actor;  I am now my authentic self when I walk into auditions and meetings because these high-stake situations are no longer unsettling. The abundance coming my way is just icing on the cake! Thank you Michelle for showing me the path to be in the FLOW, where we all draw our unlimited power to create. Shine your light always!"

Rachel Lu



New York City 

COST - $250

"How To Have The Courage to Let Your Light Shine and Be Seen"

is also available in the format of Four Private Sessions.

These Private Sessions are held for 1 hour 15 minutes each.

Please contact to learn more or discuss working privately with Michelle

and delve further into this powerful information and the techniques

via sessions, Facetime, phone or in person.


I know how painful and self-defeating it is to hide your light. I also know how crippling fear and anxiety are when you don’t have the right knowledge and tools to step out and be seen for who you ARE, as you ARE. As you know instinctively, it’s only when you step into who you are that your truth, power and unique beauty shines the brightest.


Believe me I’m no different than you. In my personal quest to shine I’ve overcome tremendous obstacles, including severe anxiety, self-doubt and intense recurring negative mind loops. During this life changing process I came to realize that there are key factors specific to women, mostly unspoken and unseen, that have to be uncovered and let go of. I also came to see that you can only help another woman to the extent that you’ve been able to help yourself.


Ultimately I overcame my tremendous fear to let my light shine and be seen. And now I’m helping women, just like yourself, do the same. We as women have a unique life force and bond and when we come together and share together the missing links I’ve discovered I know you’ll have the courage to let your light shine and be seen too.



To Having The Courage to Let Your Light Shine and Be Seen!


Michelle Colt

Having Attended Inside Game, a Visionary Free Seminar with Michelle & Robert Colt for Your Career and Life, is NOT a Prerequisite for This Workshop.